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Tips for Candidates Attending Virtual Career Fairs

Nov 6, 2018 3:54:33 AM / by EasyVirtualFair

The evolution and change of era that we are living drive to the increase of new technologies and new lifestyles. In EVF we produce fairs just like the on-site ones, but with many other new benefits.

A 3D virtual platform will allow you to have the chance of an initial interview with a recruiter and to get your CV in front of multiple hiring companies on the same day, even the same hour!

As a candidate the Virtual Career Fairs opens up opportunities all over the world with no need of transportation. This means your career will be able to cross borders with a greater facility. Connectivity is essential nowadays and with virtual fairs it’s all possible.


There are various steps you should follow to make the most out of the fair. Having the opportunity to assist from home or wherever you are will give you a greater chance to not miss out. The entry is free and the connections with employers are all through chat.

Here are some tips for before, during and after the virtual fair:

BEFORE: Prepare for the fair

  • Register
  • Update your CV
  • Have a device ready for the day of the fair
  • Research on the organization hosting the fair
  • Research on the organizations participating
  • Practice your pitch (remember this is just like an on-site fair)

DURING: Make the most of the fair

  • Dress-up. You never know, maybe a recruiter wants to have a skype interview and you should       be ready.
  • Take notes. This might seem obvious at first but many people forget and it’s important to take       great amounts of notes.
  • Although you can connect from anywhere, don’t forget to be in a distraction-free environment,       you must make the most of the time you have.
  • Use clear communication, make the employers see you are professional.
  • Stay classy. Remember you are talking with recruiters, sometimes with an online environment       you might forget and think you are talking to a friend. Don’t use slang language.
  • Ask for contact information to keep in touch when the fair ends.
  • Apply to all the job offers you can.
  • The seminars and webinars are there to for a reason. Watch them!

AFTER: Take the next steps for your future job

  • Use the contact information to reach out and apart form thanking them, remind them you are         interested.

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Written by EasyVirtualFair